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Quilt part 2

Earlier (in "Quilt", part 1) you created four 4-square block patterns. The first pattern was to create a design that has ONLY ONE axis of symmetry along a diagonal. In this activity, you will come up with 4 unique designs that meet this criteria. Compare the designs in your group. (You will need to share screens with each other). If any of the designs are "negatives" (same with colored parts switched) or rotations, they do not count as unique. In the geogebra applet below, create 4 four-square block designs that are unique but that meet the criteria of having only one axis of symmetry along a diagonal. You may use each other's designs, so long as they are unique. If any are not unique, you will need to create one (or more) that is (or are) unique.
Repeat this with the criteria of the second pattern: a design with only one axis of symmetry along a vertical.


This is an activity created by Mark E. Vasicek. It is intended to replace optional lesson 18 from illustrative mathematics, geometry, unit 1. It is to check student understanding of 1) reflection symmetry and 2) rotational symmetry.