Parent Function Transformations Pumpkin Fun

Pumpkin Carving Time! Using functions, give this pumpkin a face. Don't laugh at my pumpkin. Ha, you did laugh. Now you have to recreate it. Using the input bar, can you match at least 3 of the functions?
Want to see the last function you typed in the input bar? Click on the input bar and press the arrow up button. If you want to use an absolute value function, the short code is "abs." If you want to use a square root function, the short code is "sqrt." Do you want to restrict the domains for your functions? Here's an example: b(x)=function[argument, lowest x value, highest x value] You actually type the word "function." a(x)=3x^2-7 limit the domain to -9 to 4 a(x)=function[3x^2-7, -9, 4]