Playing the Game

This game is constructed for seeing the relationship between changing velocities of objects and the time required for the movement on a circle. There are 2 runners and there are 2 sliders representing the velocities of the runners. You can change them as the way you prefer. They have the same starting point. By clicking start button, you start and you can stop it to see where they are. There is also a reset button, you can go to starting point with it. Runners' movements show a trace and you can follow their movements. The aim of this game is to find where, when, how many tours required for runners to meet at the same point. You can use chronometer and calculate the time. Also, with the help of coordinate system you can see the places where runners meet. You are expected to create a table which contains all the data you inference from the game. Time, number of tours, and velocity changes. Then, also you are expected to show data clearly in the table, make estimations about how many tours that runners run to meet at the same point and also possible results for different data.