Solving Linear Inequalities (Quiz) - Variable on Both Sides

[b]Directions:[/b][br][br]In the applet below,[br][br]1) Note the purple inequality displayed in the upper left hand corner. [br]2) On a separate sheet of paper, solve this linear inequality.[br]3) Go to the right side of the applet now. [br]4) Select the appropriate inequality symbol from the list of checkboxes in the upper right hand corner.[br]5) Enter in the boundary value of your solution set inside the input box (in white) provided. For fractions, use the "/" symbol.[br]6) [b]If you've entered in the correct solution set on the right side of the screen, a huge "CORRECT!" symbol will appear.[/b][br]7) [b]If you don't see a "CORRECT" symbol appear, this means you have not yet solved the inequality correctly.[/b][br]8) Once you've solved the inequality correctly, click the "Generate New Inequality" button in the upper left hand corner.[br]9) Repeat steps (1) - (7).[br]10) [b]Repeat steps (1) - (9) as many times as you need in order to master this concept![/b]