Parallelograms and Rectangles

This app allows you to explore the variou side and angle measures that exist within parallelograms and rectangles. Click and drag the blue points of each quadrilateral to see which properties are always only true for paralellograms, always only true for rectangles, always only true for both, or do not hold always true for either parallelograms or rectangles. 1) Opposite sides are congruent 2) Diagonals form four isosceles triangles 3) Diagonals bisect each other. 4) Diagonals are perpendicular 5) Diagonals are congruent. 6) Opposite primary angles are congruent. 7) Corner angles formed by diagonal are complimentary angles. 8) All sides are congruent 9) Find a statement that is true ONLY for parallelograms. If this can't be done, explain why not. 10) Find a statements that is true ONLY for rectangles. If this can't be done, explain why not.