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Explore Partitioning Line Segments

Using the applet below to practice partitioning line segments.

1. Start with Example 1 (already selected). 2. Move points A & B to the given coordinates. 3. Move the 3rd unlabeled point so that it forms a right triangle with points A & B (the rise needs to purple and the run in pink) to find the slope of . 4. Click the Rise & Run (in the red) check boxes to reveal the values of rise and run. 5. Input the given ratio (in light blue) in the boxes provided below. 6. Click the 3 remaining check boxes to see how the segment is partitioned into the ratio you input. 7. Move the blue point P to the coordinates given in the 3rd checked calculation (in green) to view the final partitioned segment. **Please take notes for these 4 examples.**