Using the templates to add new materials

Jonas Hall

Please follow these guidelines when adding material to the book

  • DO add material, but don't move, change or remove anything. Send me a mail with suggestions instead and I will perform the changes
  • DO try to follow the template page (2.2) as closely as you can. If you think it is inadequate in some way, please mail me as soon as possible and I will update it and go through previously published pages as well.
  • DO keep existing headlines in the template page for clarity.
  • DO associate the page headline with magic, technology or other cool stuff.
  • DO keep construction, image and screencast sizes to max 700 px.
  • DO download and use the construction template (2.3) whenever possible to get the same "feel" in all construction.
  • DO go beyond this template page for when it is clearly inadequate, such as for overviews, philosophical comments or photos of your cat . Cats are magic :-D