What is GeoGebra Exam?

[img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/9d/Menu_view_exam.svg/16px-Menu_view_exam.svg.png[/img] GeoGebra Exam allows you and your students to use the power of GeoGebra during exams on paper (i.e. like a graphing calculator or pocket calculator) while restricting their access to the Internet or other software that should not be used during the exam.[br][br][img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/9d/Menu_view_exam.svg/20px-Menu_view_exam.svg.png[/img] GeoGebra Exam...[br][list][*]... can easily be accessed at [url=https://www.geogebra.org/exam]https://www.geogebra.org/exam[/url][/*][*]... runs in your browser, so no additional installations are required.[/*][*]... can be customized in case your students should not have access to the full power of GeoGebra (e.g. deactivate the GeoGebra CAS)[/*][*]... runs in full screen mode allowing no space for other information to be displayed on screen.[br][/*][*]... doesn't allow access to the Internet, the GeoGebra Materials platform, or files saved on the computer.[/*][/list]
GeoGebra Exam activated
GeoGebra Exam Alert
Leaving the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/9d/Menu_view_exam.svg/16px-Menu_view_exam.svg.png[/img] GeoGebra Exam window triggers a visual alert that is easily detectable and recorded in the Exam Log.

The GeoGebra Exam Tablet Apps

What are the GeoGebra Exam Tablet Apps?
While [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/9d/Menu_view_exam.svg/16px-Menu_view_exam.svg.png[/img] GeoGebra Exam for laptops and desktop computers can be customized by the user, the GeoGebra Exam Apps for tablets provide a different preselected set of features each.[br][br]Currently, the following GeoGebra Exam Tablet apps are available:[br][table][tr][td][img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/e/e0/Exam_cas.svg/32px-Exam_cas.svg.png[/img][/td][td]GeoGebra Exam CAS[/td][/tr][tr][td][img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/6/6a/Exam_graphing.svg/32px-Exam_graphing.svg.png[/img][/td][td]GeoGebra Exam Graphing Calculator [/td][/tr][tr][td][img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/9b/Exam_simple_calculator.svg/32px-Exam_simple_calculator.svg.png[/img][/td][td]GeoGebra Exam Simple Calculator[/td][/tr][/table][u][br]Hints[/u]: [br][list][*]If you are not sure which GeoGebra Exam Tablet app you are currently using, check the header of the Exam Log.[/*][*]Using the Exam Tablet apps you cannot exit [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/9d/Menu_view_exam.svg/16px-Menu_view_exam.svg.png[/img] GeoGebra Exam, only restart it.[/*][*]Please note that the screen saver is switched off by default and the screen lock triggers the visual alert.[/*][/list]
What are the Differences between the GeoGebra Exam and the corresponding Tablet Apps?
[list=1][*]When launching the GeoGebra Exam Tablet apps, [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/9d/Menu_view_exam.svg/16px-Menu_view_exam.svg.png[/img] GeoGebra Exam is directly activated, using the set of preselected features.[/*][*]After ending [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/9d/Menu_view_exam.svg/16px-Menu_view_exam.svg.png[/img] GeoGebra Exam you can directly restart it if you are using one of the Exam Tablet apps.[/*][*]No customization of [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/9d/Menu_view_exam.svg/16px-Menu_view_exam.svg.png[/img] GeoGebra Exam is necessary while using one of the GeoGebra Exam Tablet apps (i.e. deactivation of CAS or 3D Graphics). Just choose the one that best meets your needs.[/*][*]Depending on the Exam Tablet app you chose, commands and access to other GeoGebra Views might be restricted and the menu could be simplified.[br][/*][*]When working with the Exam Tablet apps, deactivated functionalities do not appear in the Toolbar and are not shown in the Exam Log either. Instead, the name of the Exam Tablet app used is shown in the Exam Log.[/*][*]You cannot change the language of the user interface. The GeoGebra Exam Tablet apps use the language setting of your tablet.[/*][/list]