Inscribed/Circumscribed Polygon Activity


Above are four polygons. My task for you to do IN GROUPS is try to inscribe the polygon in a circle. For which polygons is this possible. Discuss your result for each. Try to create a quadrilateral that can be inscribed in a circle. Use the segment tool to make the sides of the quadrilateral and the circle tool (center and radius or center and point on the circle) to try and inscribe the quadrilateral in the circle. Next, use the segment tools to create your own quadrilateral. Then use the angle measure tool to find all interior angle measures of your quadrilateral. Lastly, create a circle to inscribe your quadrilateral in and adjust the vertices to do so. Change your inscribed quadrilateral multiple times. Make note of any observations you have. Challenge: Can you inscribe a parallelogram inside a circle? Explore and work together.