Comparison of GeoGebra Math Apps

With our GeoGebra math apps you can explore and learn functions, geometry, algebra, statistics and 3D in new and interactive ways. The right app for you is the one that meets your own needs and, if used in tests, fulfills exam regulations of your region. The following table gives an overview of which features are available in which apps.

GeoGebra in Exams

We believe that students benefit from using the exact same GeoGebra app in class, for homework and during tests. This way, they will get the most practice with the app and therefore be able to make the best use of our technology in all situations. That's why we have created our GeoGebra Exam Mode and added it within each one of our apps. The exam mode locks down mobile devices so students cannot communicate or use any other apps than GeoGebra during a test. This approach has already been field-tested and approved by several ministries of education in several regions. Read more about how to use GeoGebra in exams.