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Graphing Linear Equations Written in Standard Form

OBJECTIVE: To graph linear equations written in standard form on the coordinate plane

Any algebraic equation that can be converted to the form Ax + By = C (A and B not both equal to 0) is a linear equation. There is a postulate in Geometry that 'two points determine a line.' So it's possible to graph a linear equation by identifying two points that lie on the line. One way to do this is by assigning values to x and solving for y. Once you have two ordered pairs that lie on the line, you can plot these two points and connect them. Directions: 1) A linear equation of the form Ax + By = C is displayed at the upper left corner of the applet below. 2) Assign a value to x and solve for y to get an ordered pair. Assign another value to x and again solve for y to get another ordered pair. [Note: The applet only works for integer values of x and y.] 3) Move the 2 Large White Dots to match your two ordered pairs. 4) Click Check Graph. If you didn't get it right, check your calculations and try again. 5) Once you get a problem Correct, click the New Problem button. 6) Repeat at least 10 times.

QUESTION: Which method did you follow in coming up with your ordered pairs? One: Substitute a value for x in the original equation, and then isolate y. Or two: Solve for y in terms of x before substituting a value for x and solving for y. Try to use the alternative method to see which one works best for you. Then repeat the exercise above.