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make your number machine

Scroll down to see a video demo. Try the following task with this number machine.
  • Think of a series of basic operations. It can be adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing by a number. There can be two or more operations in a series and more than one operation of the same kind.
  • You will apply the same series of operations to 4 or more numbers of your choice and calculate the results.
  • Enter the first two chosen numbers and their results in the first two pairs of boxes (blue and green).
  • Enter two more chosen numbers in the yellow and orange boxes. This time, the machine will calculate the results for you. Click the check boxes to see the results. Are they the same with what you have got?
  • Enter one more number in the pink box and check the steps for generating the result. Are the steps the same with what you have done? Does the machine give the same result even the steps may be different from yours?
You may use the pen tool below to show your number machine.

If you start with a number , what will you get after the calculations in your number machine?

Is your number machine the same as the one suggested by the applet? If they are different, why do they give the same results?