Plotting Quadratic Functions (Point by Point Calculations)

Lew W. S.
Use the applet for exploring quadratic functions of the form (a) general form : f(x) ax^2 + bx + c (b) vertex form (or completed square form) : f(x) = + (x-h)^2 + k or -(x-h)^2 + k (c) factored form : f(x) = (x -a) (x -b) or - (x -a) (x -b)
Type in the function in the input box. Use the slider to change the value of p (which is the x coordinate of the point being plotted) As you change the values of p, see how the points on the graph are being traced. Click on the checkbox for showing the whole curve of the function Select the appropriate check boxes to show the appropriate calculations.