the equidistance of points in relation to a segment.

Follow the directions given on the applet. Then consider the following: 1. Discuss with your group what you are doing as you drag the points around. Share with each other what your initial thoughts are as you start moving the first couple of points, and as you go, continue to discuss the observations/realizations you make. 2. Once you think you are finished moving the points around, take a screenshot and share your image with your group. Are they the same? DIfferent? Talk it out and come to a consensus how the diagram should look. 3.When you dragged each point, what was your process of verifying to yourself that each point seemed equidistant? Be as articulate as possible. 4. What word best describes the relationship amongst the points once they have been determined to be equidistant to the line segment? In other words, what shape do they make? 5. A conjecture is a statement that has not been proven. Conjectures are the statements we make when we are theorizing about something. Write a conjecture about relationship between the shape that the points determine in relation to the segment to which they are each equidistant.