Introduction to GeoGebra

Introduction to GeoGebra
In this lesson you will be introduced to the Graphics and Algebra views of GeoGebra and start using the Graphics Styling bar.[br][br]Some examples of GeoGebra files are displayed in section 2 to give you a sense of what can be achieved.  You should then work through the skills and constructions section before trying the tasks.

The equations of parallel and perpendicular lines

Vary the original line with the sliders for [i]m[/i] and [i]c[/i]. Drag the point A to move the position of the parallel and perpendicular lines.

Graphics view

Using the Graphics view
The Graphics view features tools (the square buttons at the top).  These can be used to add geometrical objects to the Graphics view.  To change the tool click on a different button.  Related tools are contained in each button.[br][br]Experiment with this by adding some different geometrical objects to the screen.

Video: Creating a dynamic y-y1=m(x-x1)


Create dynamic files that demonstrate:
[list=1][*]The completed square form of the graph of a quadratic.[br][br][/*][*]The equation of a circle: (x– a)²+ (y– b)² =r².[br][br][/*][*]The intersection of a line and a circle or a parabola and a circle.[br][br][/*][*]The solution of linear or quadratic inequality.[br][/*][/list]