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Kite Construction Template (2)

The quadrilateral below is said to be a KITE. Drag the vertices of this kite around and carefully observe what you see here.

Without Googling, complete the following sentence definition: A kite is a quadrilateral that has...

Use the tools below to construct a quadrilateral that always remains an KITE (no matter where you drag its vertices)!

Use the tools of GeoGebra to show that your quadrilateral is indeed a kite. Then explain how you know your quadrilateral is a kite.

Construct the kite's diagonals. Then construct the point of intersection of these diagonals. After doing this, right click on both diagonals and hide them. Then right click on the kite itself and hide it. Then use the POLYGON tool to construct the 4 non-overlapping triangles that form this kite. Measure all angles and segment lengths you see here. Which of the following statements are true about a kite?

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