About GeoGebra Groups

What are Groups?
A [i]Group[/i] allows its Members to...[br][list][*][b]Share materials[/b] with other [i]Group Members[/i] [i](e.g. [i]Dynamic Worksheets, Books[/i])[/i][br][/*][*][b]Communicate with each other[/b] by using posts and comments[/*][*][b]Create and edit GeoGebra materials[/b] together[br][/*][*][b]Set and manage tasks [/b]for other [i]Group Members [/i](e.g. for your students)[/*][*][b]Provide feedback[/b] for[i] [/i]completed tasks and keep track of Members' work[/*][/list]
You may use Groups in different ways:[br][list][*][b]Collaboration[/b]: [br]Create a Group with your colleagues and work together on sharing / collecting and / or creating awesome GeoGebra materials.[br][br][/*][*][b]Virtual Classroom[/b]: [br]Create a Group for your students to foster collaboration, sharing of mathematical discoveries and materials, or use it like a[i] Learning Management System[/i] to augment your face-to-face teaching. [/*][/list]

How to Join a Group

Join an existing Group
You may join an existing Group in either one of the following ways:[br][br][b]Group Code[/b][list=1][*]Ask the [i]Owner[/i] of the Group for the corresponding [i]Group Code[/i].[br][/*][*]Go to [url=https://www.geogebra.org/groups]www.geogebra.org/groups[/url].[/*][*]Enter the [i]Group Code[/i] and click [button_small]Join[/button_small] in order to get access to the Group.[/*][/list][br][u]Note[/u]: Alternatively, you may join existing Groups on tab [i]Groups [/i]on your Profile page.
[b]E-mail Invitation[/b][list=1][*]Receive an e-mail invitation from the [i]Owner [/i]of a Group.[/*][*]Accept the invitation by clicking on the corresponding link in the e-mail,[br]or [br]copy and use the [i]Group Code[/i] provided in the e-mail in order to join the Group (details see above). [/*][*]After accepting the invitation, the Group page opens in a new tab of your web browser.[/*][/list][br][br][b]Viewing Link[/b][list=1][*]Receive a [i]Viewing Link [/i]from the [i]Owner [/i]of a Group.[/*][*]Enter the [i]Viewing Link[/i] in your web browser in order to access the Group page.[/*][/list][br][u]Note[/u]: Once you are a [i]Member [/i]of a Group, its [i]Owner(s)[/i] may give you permission to post, comment, or add materials to this Group.
Create a new Group
You are able to create your own Group by clicking [button_small]Create Group[/button_small] on either one of the following web pages:[list=1][*][url=https://www.geogebra.org/groups]www.geogebra.org/groups[/url][/*][*]Your Profile page on [url=https://tube.geogebra.org]GeoGebraTube[/url] after selecting tab [i]Groups[/i][/*][/list][br][u]Note[/u]: The user who creates a new Group becomes the [i]Owner* [/i]of the Group (for more details see [i][url=https://tube.geogebra.org/material/simple/id/QUJpjFbm]How to Create a Group[/url])[/i].

How to Create a Group

You may create a new Group in either one of the following ways:[br][list][*]Go to [url=https://www.geogebra.org/groups]www.geogebra.org/groups[/url] and select [button_small]Create Group[/button_small]. [/*][*]On your GeoGebraTube Profile page, open tab [i]Groups[/i] and select [button_small]Create Group[/button_small].[br][/*][/list][br]Start creating your new Group by entering some basic metadata in the appearing Groups Settings page.
The Group Settings
Group name
Fill in the name of your Group.
Add a description for your new Group, which will make it easier for other users to decide whether they want to join this Group.
Decide who will be allowed to add materials or posts to your Group. You may choose between the following options:[br][list][*]Owners only[/*][*]Owners and Members[/*][/list]
Default settings
[b]Editing settings[/b][br]Decide who will be allowed to edit materials shared with the Group. You may choose between the following options:[br][list][*]Authors only[br][/*][*]Authors and Group Owners[/*][*]Authors, Group Owners, and Members[/*][/list][br][b]Automatic Checking[/b][br]Decide whether a [button_small]Check[/button_small] should be displayed for certain [i]Tasks [/i]that can be checked automatically (i.e. Multiple choice questions and Open questions with exemplary answer). Members may use this button in order to check their answers immediately and correct them if necessary by reopening the [i]Task[/i].[br][u]Note[/u]: The owner may change these default settings individually for each [i]Task[/i] on tab [i]Posts[/i].
Decide whether you want to be notified about... [br][list][*]New Posts[/*][*]New Comments[/*][*]New Group Members[/*][/list][u]Hint[/u]: You may also choose the frequency of receiving notifications (immediately, hourly, daily, or weekly).
[button]Save[/button][br]After completing the information, please click [button_small]Save[/button_small] in order to create your Group and be able to invite other users to join. 

What are Posts?

Posts may consist of text and / or materials (i.e. Worksheets, Tasks, Books, Images, Videos). They can be used in order to communicate and share materials within a Group. [br][br]All posts are displayed on tab [i]Posts [/i]and can be commented on by the [i]Members[/i] of the Group.[br][br][u]Note[/u]: The [i]Owner(s)[/i] of a Group may decide in the [i]Group Settings[/i] whether or not [i]Members[/i] are allowed to create posts and share materials.

What are Tasks?

[i]Tasks [/i]are Worksheets that contain one ore more [i]Task Elements [/i]and allow users to save their work. Available [i]Task Elements[/i] are...[br][list][*][img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/e/eb/Menu-help.svg/16px-Menu-help.svg.png[/img] [i]Question[/i] (multiple choice, open question)[/*][*][img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/1/1b/Icon-exercise.svg/16px-Icon-exercise.svg.png[/img] [i]GeoGebra Task [/i](GeoGebra applet that allows to save a Member's work)[br][/*][/list][br][u]Note[/u]: If a [i]Task[/i] is posted in a Group, it appears on tab [i]Feedback [/i]/ tab [i]Tasks[/i] allowing the [i]Members [/i]of the Group easy access to the [i]Task [/i]itself, as well as to comment on the [i]Task [/i]or give feedback. 
Example for an Exercise Applet
[b]Task[/b]: Complete the square construction.
Example for a Multiple Choice Question
Which Tools did you use in order to complete the square construction?

Providing Feedback (Owners only)

About Tab Feedback
[i]Owners [/i]find a collection of all [i]Tasks [/i]of a Group on tab [i]Feedback[/i].[br][u]Note[/u]: [i]Owners[/i] may choose in the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/4/41/Icon-menu.svg/16px-Icon-menu.svg.png[/img] [i]Group Settings[/i] between displaying the content of tab [i]Feedback [/i]as a [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/d/dd/Menu-grid.png/16px-Menu-grid.png[/img] [i]Grid[/i] or a  [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/c/c0/Menu-list.png/16px-Menu-list.png[/img] [i]List[/i]. 
Reviewing Members' Work
After a [i]Member [/i]has finished working on a [i]Task[/i], the [i]Owner [/i]may review the work and provide feedback:[br][list=1][*]Access the [i]Member's [/i]Worksheet...[/*][list][*]by selecting the corresponding cell in the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/d/dd/Menu-grid.png/16px-Menu-grid.png[/img] [i]Grid[br]OR[/i][/*][*]by opening the corresponding [i]Task [/i]on the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/c/c0/Menu-list.png/16px-Menu-list.png[/img] [i]List [/i]and selecting the [i]Member [/i]from the list.[/*][/list][*]Review the [i]Member's [/i]work.[/*][*]Comment on [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/6/6f/Icon-question.svg/16px-Icon-question.svg.png[/img] [i]Questions [/i]or [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/1/1b/Icon-exercise.svg/16px-Icon-exercise.svg.png[/img] [i]GeoGebra Tasks [/i]if necessary. [br][/*][*]Select one of the following options according to the quality of the [i]Member's[/i] work:[/*][list][*] [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/91/Icon-evaluate%402x.png/16px-Icon-evaluate%402x.png[/img] Complete if the [i]Task[/i] was solved in a satisfying way.[/*][*] [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/0/01/Icon-started-done.png/16px-Icon-started-done.png[/img] Incomplete if the [i]Member [/i]should revise their work.[br][u]Hint[/u]: Please remember to provide a feedback comment in order to let the [i]Member[/i] know which kind of revisions are necessary.  [/*][/list][/list][br]After deciding the completeness of the [i]Task[/i], the [i]Owner's f[/i]eedback is saved and the work of the next [i]Member[/i] is displayed.[br][br][u]Hint[/u]: You may also switch manually between the [i]Members[/i]' work in order to review and comment their work by using the navigation arrows [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/f/fb/Icon-nav-prev%402x.png/16px-Icon-nav-prev%402x.png[/img] and [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/8/88/Icon-nav-next%402x.png/16px-Icon-nav-next%402x.png[/img] next to their name.
Reopening Tasks
After the [i]Owner [/i]has provided feedback for a [i]Task[/i] and set its status to [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/91/Icon-evaluate%402x.png/16px-Icon-evaluate%402x.png[/img] [i]Complete[/i], [i]Members [/i]are not allowed to make any more modifications to their work.[br]However, in some cases the [i]Owner[/i] might want to allow [i]Members [/i]to make additional changes to an already completed [i]Task[/i]:[br][list][*]Open the Worksheet of a [i]Member[/i] whose work was already set to [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/9/91/Icon-evaluate%402x.png/16px-Icon-evaluate%402x.png[/img] [i]Complete[/i].[/*][*]Select [button_small] [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/0/01/Icon-started-done.png/16px-Icon-started-done.png[/img] Reopen[/button_small] below the [i]Task[/i] in order to reopen it for all [i]Members[/i] of the Group.[/*][/list]