GeoGebra #2 - Geometry Concepts

Complete the following: Worth 10 Points
[size=150][b][color=#980000]1. Draw a line and a line [u]parallel [/u]to that line.[/color][br][color=#1e84cc]2. Draw a triangle using "Polygon" tool and measure [u]all three[/u] angles of the triangle. Then, click and drag your triangle to make it a right triangle.[/color][br][color=#ff7700]3. Draw a segment with length 12 using the "Segment with Given Length" tool.[/color][br][color=#9900ff]4. Draw 2 line segments that intersect and place a point where the lines intersect.[/color][br][color=#38761d]5. Use the text tool to tell me the name of the postulate that was demonstrated in question 4.[/color][/b][/size]

Information: GeoGebra #2 - Geometry Concepts