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exterior small panels

Along the walls of the complex there's colourful decoration. The applet below shows a pattern with 10- and 5-pointed stars, generated by a tiling of decagons, pentagons and barrel shaped hexagons. Notice that in a corner the pattern runs continuously over the walls and is so arranged that the corner cuts 10-pointed stars and barrel shaped haxagons in to the middel.
Looking closely at the pattern, you can see that it's realised as a mosaic of separate peaces. Remarkable is the irregularity. Most lines in the decagon connect middles with other middles, but some are very divergent, making the star far from regular. The orange hexagons are very irregular. It looks as if while laying the mosaic peaces are cut to fit the deviations during the making of the mosaic.
In the brickwork of the complex too one can find many small decorative elements, often with the 8-pointed star, thee Rub-el-Hizb.