Chebyshev Linkage Wheel4 (Triangle)

Variant from Hexagon wheel.
■ Imagine, more extension from Hexagon figure ! Consider, #1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6 parts were (partial) broken even #. what will happen? #1, 3, 5 are fine/ good, --- but, this triangle wheel is feasible. Do extend the width of edge 1.5 multiple, is more comfortable, maybe. This is a long/ big stride walking. Please imagine. cost performance of this apparatus is high. maybe. ■ The near function by another method ---- foot position/ stride is different. cf. Chebyshev N = 3 Polygon Wheel (GeoGebra). fewer bars. ----- i.e. We can reduce the number of orange coordinator bars. 6 to 2. ----- but, very slow walking. small stride.