Properties of Trapezoids Q&A


Work in Groups to Answer these questions. If at any point you feel like you've made a mistake, just hit the refresh button in the top right corner.

Click on Show Side Lengths, select point A or B and move it around. 1. What do you notice is always true about the side lengths?

Hide the side lengths, and click on Corner Angle Measures. Now move around point A or B again. 2. List any pairs of congruent angles or supplementary angles. Do these pairs always stay supplementary or congruent?

Click on the "Show Lengths of Diagonals" and move point A or B again. 5. What do you notice is always true about these lengths of the diagonals?

Hide the lengths, and now click on "and Lengths" next to diagonals, and move around A or B. 6. What do you notice is always true about the diagonals.

Hide the lengths, finally select "other angle measures", move points A or B. 7. List all pairs of congruent angles you see.

8. Using the picture, and your answers to this exercise, what are the properties of Isosceles Trapezoids that are always true?

9. Figure FGIH is not and Isosceles Trapezoid. It is just a trapezoid. What properties from your answer to question 8 still remain true? What properties no longer apply?