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Lesson 6 Describing Transformations

Task 1:Andre performs a 90-degree counterclockwise rotation of Polygon ABCD and gets Polygon EFGH, but he does not say what the center of the rotation is. Can you find the center?

Task 2

Info Gap Directions:

Task 3: In Class Example

Task 4: Problem Card 1

Task 5 Problem Card 2

Task 6

After finishing this activity, what type of information did you need to solve the problem?

Task 7

Sometimes two transformations, one performed after the other, have a nice description as a single transformation. For example, instead of translating 2 units up followed by translating 3 units up, we could simply translate 5 units up. Instead of rotating 20 degrees counterclockwise around the origin followed by rotating 80 degrees clockwise around the origin, we could simply rotate 60 degrees clockwise around the origin. Can you find a simple description of reflecting across the x-axis followed by reflecting across the y-axis?