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im.g.1.1.2.Illegal Construction Moves with Tools

1. Create a circle centered at A with radius AB. 2. Estimate the midpoint of segment AB and label it C. When you create a point in this applet, there will not be a label. To create a label, select the point, then click on the Style Bar. Change the label of the point to C. Be sure to check the box "Show Label." 3. Create a circle centered at B with radius BC. This creates 2 intersection points. Label the one toward the top of the page as D and the one toward the bottom as E. 4. Connect points A, D, and E using the polygon tool to make triangle ADE. 5. Try doing the DRAG TEST. (This is where you try to move each of the points to see if the drawing is a true construction, where it retains its properties).

6. Why do you think that the title of this is "Illegal Construction Moves." What was it supposed to be a construction of, and what about the steps you followed caused it to fail the drag test?


illustrative mathematics. geometry. unit 1. lesson 1. activity 2. "Illegal Construction Moves." Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license,