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Construction of the Game

Construction Steps 1)From tool box, select "Text" and write a text about how users will play the game. 2)Create sliders (number of sliders depends on you) by using slider button. 3)Each slider should be an integer and it goes between 0 to 1. 4)First, you need to determine objects which you will use and then you need to determine their prices regarding to their real prices. 5)Now, you will create a new equation to see the total amount of money that you spent. 6)To create a new equations, select the "Steps" button at the top. 7)Write your equation at the bottom of the steps which named as "Entry". 8)Slider with 0 means that you did not buy the object and 1 means that you bought the object. 9)According to previous information, while you are creating equation, you should multiply the slider's name with the object's price that is attached to the slider. You need to add all multiplications to obtain the summation of prices that you select. 10)You should create a "Check Box" and name it as "Hide/Show". 11)Create a text "Money that you Spend". 12)Create a slider from the entry button under the "Steps". Your slider should be between 0 and 31. 31 depends on the total money that you give the students at the beginning. 13)Write "Text2=""+u+"" to the entry button. "u" means your equation's name. 14)Drag and drop the equation that you create to the main screen. You can drop it near the text "Money that You Spend". 15)Create an input box that names "My Guess" 16)Create a text as  "Your Guess" 17)From the settings of text, write a condition according to your numbers and closeness of estimations. 18)From add media button, you can add pictures of your objects to better illustration. You also need to add their prices next to each object. The Aim of This Game The aim is practicing on addition of decimals for new learners of decimals. It also supports their estimation skills in a funny way.