How to Use Tooltips

What are Tooltips?
When you select a [i]Tool[/i], a [b][i]Tooltip [/i]appears[/b] explaining how to use this [i]Tool[/i].[br][u]Hint[/u]: If you want to know more about this [i]Tool[/i], click on the [i]Tooltip[/i]. This opens a web page providing more detailed information for the selected [i]Tool[/i].
Find out how the [i]Slider [/i]tool works by reading the Tooltip. Create sliders for numbers and angles and change the slider settings.
[table][tr id=selectslider][td]1.[/td][td][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_slider.png[/icon][/td][td]Select the [i]Slider [/i]tool and read the [i]Tooltip[/i].[/td][/tr][tr id=boolslider][td]2. [/td][td][icon][/icon][/td][td]Figure out how to use this tool in order to create a [b]slider for number[/b] [i]a[/i].[br][u]Note[/u]: Use the default values for the interval and increment of the slider.[/td][/tr][tr id=checkSliderValuea][td]3. [/td][td][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_move.png[/icon][/td][td]Move the slider in order to change the value of number [i]a[/i] to [i]a = -2.5[/i].[/td][/tr][tr id=newslider][td]4.[/td][td][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_slider.png[/icon][/td][td]Create another slider [i]b[/i] with an interval from 0 to 10 and increment 1.[/td][/tr][tr id=checkSliderValueb][td]5. [/td][td][icon][/icon][/td][td]Move the slider in order to change the value of number [i]b[/i] to [i]b = 7[/i].[/td][/tr][tr id=sliderangle][td]6. [/td][td][icon][/icon][/td][td]Create another [b]slider for an[/b] [b]angle[/b] [math]\beta[/math] with an interval from 0° to 180° and increment 10°.[br][u]Note[/u]: You may select the Greek letter [math]\beta[/math] from the list that opens if you click on the [math]\alpha[/math] on the right side of the [i]Name [/i]textbox. [/td][/tr][tr id=checkSliderValuebeta][td]7. [/td][td][icon]/images/ggb/toolbar/mode_move.png[/icon][/td][td]Move the slider in order to change the value of angle [math]\beta[/math] to [math]\beta=110°[/math].[/td][/tr][/table]

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