Reflections after lesson - Pricope

How did you implement your lesson plan?

The lesson was held in the computer lab. Students had access each to a workstation and I've just guided them through successive stages in the lesson.

Integration of the new technologies into the lesson went well?

Everything was very easy and pleasant at the same time!

Students reached the lesson objectives?

Obviously the lesson was more attractive and understandable due to interactivity. I believe that students have achieved the lesson objectives, especially because the lesson was easy.

What opinions have expressed your students after the lesson?

Students were excited about the lesson interactivity, they practice in their personal pace, they resumed applications when they needed to secure knowledge. They promised they will access GeoGebra from home to work and learn various problems (most of them saw it for the first time)

What improvements could be made to the method used to make it work better?

Descoperirea tuturor facilitatilor aplicatiei Geogebra astfel incat elevii sa beneficieze de cele mai inspirate lectii!!!