Transformations Investigation

You will be investigating the effects of a, k, d, and c on various parent functions [i]f(x)[/i]. Use the worksheets to help guide your investigation.

[list=1] [*]Enter the function [math]f(x)=x^2[/math] [/list] [list=2] [*]Use the slider for "a" to see what happens to the graph as "a changes" [/list] [list=3] [*]Sketch the graph on the worksheet. [/list] [list=4] [*]Repeat the investigation with the functions [math]f(x)=x^.5[/math] and [math]f(x)=1/x[/math]. [/list] [list=5] [*]Summarize your findings at the bottom of the sheet [b]BE SURE TO RESET THE SLIDERS BACK TO a=1, k=1, d=0 and c=0 after each investigation.[/b] [/list] [list=6] [*]Repeat the investigation for parameters of k, d, and c. [/list]