GeoGebra News - March 2021

GeoGebra Calculator Suite - All the Apps You Love in One

Our Calculator Suite app now has 4 powerful GeoGebra apps all bundled in one: Graphing, Geometry, 3D and CAS! Switch between apps at any time without opening a new one. Available for web at, with native apps for phones & tablets including exam mode!

Google Add-ons

You can now install Google Add-ons for GeoGebra Graphing Calculator and GeoGebra 3D in Google Docs and Google Slides. Add these to easily create graphs and insert images into your documents.

GeoGebra Notes in Activity Editor

GeoGebra Notes is now available directly in our Activity Editor! This way you can create whiteboard activities and share them with your students using GeoGebra Classroom.


Our new Assume command makes it easy to evaluate expressions according to conditions.
  • Find out more about our latest features on our YouTube Channel!
  • If you need more information about how to use our apps, please have a look at our tutorials page.

Learn GeoGebra

Looking for help using GeoGebra? On our Learn GeoGebra page you can find quick links to learn more about our apps and website.

Community Work

  • Snowflake Contest: After taking some time to sift through 2,775 entries, we're excited to announce the 3 winners of our snowflake contest. Congratulations to Maeve Runyon, Anjhana Nadarajah, and Camilo Sua Flórez! Have a look at the winners' snowflakes on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!
  • Show your Skills: We will share tasks and riddles every two weeks on Social Media to solve in GeoGebra. Send in your answers with pictures via Direct Message. Some of them might get published! 

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