Fake Squares

Which is the real square? Only one of the quadrilaterals are actually squares. The rest are impostors! [b]Instructions[/b] Move the vertices around in each quadrilateral to discover the true nature of each quadrilateral. [b](Not all points can be moved but be sure to try and move all four points before coming to a conclusion.)[/b] If you need room, you can hide any quadrilateral by unchecking it's box. You can also move the entire shape.

1. Which quadrilateral is the square? rhombus? parallelogram? trapezoid? isosceles trapezoid? rectangle? kite? (Explain how you know! There is only one of each.) 2. Which quadrilaterals have perpendicular diagonals? What do these quadrilaterals have in common? 3. Which quadrilaterals have diagonals that bisect one another? 4. Which quadrilaterals can pretend to be some one else? a.Who can they pretend to be? Can it go the other way? (i.e. a rectangle can "pretend" to be a square, but a square cannot pretend to be a rectangle.)