Create your own Argument


  1. A circle with center A through a point B has already been constructed. Move the circle around to get used to the controls.
  2. The point "B" on the circle allows you to change the radius of the circle. Change the radius of the circle until the circle is small enough to fit two circles of that radius in the window provided.
  3. Click "Point" and create another point on the circle, "C".
  4. Click on "Circle with Center" again and create a circle whose center is "C" through the point "A".
  5. Click "Move" and move the point "C" and "B" until you are satisfied with the aesthetics of your creation.
  6. Click "More" to see other possible constructions.
  7. Under "Points", click "Intersect" and click the points at which the circles intersect. These should be labeled "D" and "E".
  8. Click "Segment" and then click "AD", "DC". "EA", "EC", and "CA".
  9. Once you are done, click on the "share" icon and save your file. Make sure to include your actual name in the filename. Then click on "Export Image" using the same "share" icon. Copy and paste your picture into the Google Doc which contains the answers to the questions. Copy and paste the link to your GeoGebra construction, too.
  10. Answer the questions below in the Google Doc provided to you.

Create your Construction Here.

On Circle with Center A

Why is AD congruent to AC?

On Circle with Center C

Why is AC congruent to DC?

On Triangle ADC

What type of triangle is ?

Now make a claim about triangle and create an argument that supports your claim.