What is a Dynamic Worksheet

A [i]Dynamic Worksheet[/i] is an interactive (online) worksheet that combines different elements (e.g. text, applets, videos, images, questions, tasks) in a flexible layout.[br][br]Our [i]Online Worksheet Editor[/i] allows you to easily create a [i]Dynamic Worksheet[/i] yourself. Just go to [url=https://www.geogebra.org/materials]www.geogebra.org/materials[/url] and sign in to your [url=https://accounts.geogebra.org/user/login]GeoGebra Account[/url]. Then, click on [button_small]+ NEW[/button_small] and select the option [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/0/09/Menu-worksheet-new.png/16px-Menu-worksheet-new.png[/img] [i]Create Worksheet[/i] in order to get started.[br][br][u]Note[/u]: You can also create a new [i]Dynamic Worksheet[/i] while creating a GeoGebraBook in the [i]GeoGebraBook Editor[/i].
Example Worksheet
[b]Task[/b]: Explore the axes of symmtery of the flower pictured below. [br][br][b]Instructions[/b][br][list=1][*]Below you can see a point [b][i][color=#0000ff]A[/color][/i][/b] that was reflected at the line in order to create its image [b][i][color=#cc0000]A'[/color][/i][/b]. Drag point [b][i][color=#0000ff]A[/color][/i][/b] along the outline of the flower and explore whether the line is an axis of symmetry.[br][u]Hint[/u]: Press the button [i]Delete Trace[/i] in order to delete the trace and start over.[br][br][/*][*]Drag the [b][color=#38761d]green points[/color][/b] in order to change the position of the line of reflection. Then, repeat step 1 for every position of the line.[/*][/list]
[b]Question[/b]: How many axes of symmetry does this flower have?

How to Create a New GeoGebra Book

Open the GeoGebra Book Editor
[list=1][*][url=https://accounts.geogebra.org/user/signin][size=100][/size]Log in[/url] to your GeoGebra Profile Page.[br][u]Note[/u]: If you do not have a GeoGebra account, please [url=https://accounts.geogebra.org/user/create]register[/url]. [/*][*]Click on [button_small]+ NEW[/button_small] and select the option [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/5/5d/Menu-book-new.svg/16px-Menu-book-new.svg.png[/img] [i]Create Book [/i]in order to open the [i]Book Editor[/i].[/*][/list]
Create a Title Page
The [i]Title Page[/i] of the [i]Book Editor[/i] allows you to input some basic information and metadata about your GeoGebra Book.[br][u]Note[/u]: The metadata will help other users of the GeoGebra Community to search for your materials and thus, benefit from your effort and expertise.[br][br][list=1][*][b]Title[/b]: Fill in the [i]Title[/i] of your GeoGebra Book. [br][/*][*][b]Language[/b]: Specify the main [i]Language[/i] of your GeoGebra Book in order to help other users from the international GeoGebra Community to locate materials in their preferred language. [br][/*][*][b]Description[/b]: Add an optional [i]Description[/i] for your GeoGebra Book, which will make it easier for other users to decide whether this material is what they were looking for (optional).[br][/*][*][b]Target Group (Age)[/b]: Specify the age of the user [i]Target Group[/i] intended to work with this GeoGebra Book. [br][/*][*][b]Tags[/b]: Add [i]Tags[/i] (key words) which allow other users to find your GeoGebra Book.[br] [/*][*][b]Visibility[/b]: Decide about the [i]Visibility[/i] of your Book and specify, which users will be able to access your Book. You may choose between the following options: [list][*][i]Public[/i]: Other users can find and view this Book. [/*][*][i]Shared with Link[/i]: Only users who have the direct link to your Book can view it. Please note that it won't appear in the search results of other users.[/*][*][i]Private[/i]: Other users cannot view your Book, which won't appear in their search results either.[/*][/list][/*][/list]When you are done entering this information about your new Book, just click [button_small]Save[/button_small] and start adding content. You may edit the metadata at any time on tab [i]Title Page[/i] in the [i]Book Editor[/i].[br][br][u]Note[/u]: By creating a GeoGebra Book you agree to publish your work under the [url=http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0]Creative Commons: Attribution Share Alike[/url] license.
Add Content to your Book
After saving your Title Page, the [i]Book Editor[/i] opens automatically with tab [i]Content[/i] being active by default. You may now...[br][list][*]add existing Worksheets[/*][*]create new Worksheets[/*][*]structure your Book by inserting chapters [/*][/list][br][button]Add Chapter[/button][br]Set up the main structure of your GeoGebra Book by creating different chapters (optional). You may choose between the following options:[br][br][img]https://www.geogebra.org/wiki/uploads/thumb/0/00/Menu-chapter-new.svg/16px-Menu-chapter-new.svg.png[/img][b] New Chapter[/b]: You can specify a [i]Name[/i] and enter an optional [i]Description[/i] for the chapter in the appearing dialog window. Click [button_small]Save[/button_small] when you are done. [br][br][img]https://www.geogebra.org/wiki/uploads/thumb/5/52/Menu-chapter-existing.svg/16px-Menu-chapter-existing.svg.png[/img][b] Existing Chapter[/b]: You may either copy a chapter of one of your own Books or search for a public GeoGebra Book of another user to import one of its chapters into your new Book. [list=1][*]In the appearing dialog window, search for the Book you want to copy a chapter from.[/*][*]Once you found the desired Book, click on [button_small]View Content[/button_small] in order to display its chapter overview. [/*][*]Select the chapter(s) you want to copy to your Book.[/*][*]Click on [button_small]Import[/button_small] in order to add the selected chapter(s) to your new GeoGebra Book.[br][br][/*][/list] [u]Note[/u]: [br][list][*]All chapters you add to your GeoGebra Book are displayed in the [i]Chapters[/i] overview. [/*][*]You can [b]edit the name and / or description of the chapter[/b] at any time by clicking on the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/d/d1/Menu-edit.svg/16px-Menu-edit.svg.png[/img] [i]Edit[/i] icon next to the chapter's current name.[/*][*]You can [b]change the order of chapters[/b] using drag and drop.[/*][*]You can [b]delete a chapter[/b] from your Book by clicking on the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/8/8c/Menu-edit-delete.svg/16px-Menu-edit-delete.svg.png[/img] [i]Delete[/i] icon next to the chapter's name.[/*][/list][br][br][button]Add Worksheet[/button][br]You can now add materials from GeoGebra Materials Platform to your GeoGebra Book. Please select the chapter you want to add your material to (optional) and click on [button_small]Add Worksheet[/button_small] in order to be able to choose between the following options:[br][br][img]https://www.geogebra.org/wiki/uploads/thumb/4/41/Menu-worksheet-new.svg/16px-Menu-worksheet-new.svg.png[/img][b] New Worksheet[/b]: Create a new [i]Dynamic Worksheet[/i] using the [url=http://ggbtu.be/mrlV7A5HS]online [i]Worksheet Editor[/i][/url]. You may add [i]Text[/i], [i]GeoGebra Applets[/i], [i]Videos[/i], [i]Images[/i], [i]Tasks[/i] and more to your [i]Dynamic Worksheet[/i] and enter metadata in the [i]Worksheet Settings[/i].[br][u]Note[/u]: Your worksheet will now appear in the [i]Worksheets[/i] overview of the Book. You can [b]edit the name and / or description of the worksheet[/b] at any time by clicking on the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/d/d1/Menu-edit.svg/16px-Menu-edit.svg.png[/img] [i]Edit[/i] icon next to the worksheet's current name.[br][br][img]https://www.geogebra.org/wiki/uploads/thumb/a/ad/Menu-worksheet-search-existing.svg/16px-Menu-worksheet-search-existing.svg.png[/img][b] Existing Worksheet[/b]: Search for your own or other public materials. Decide which Worksheet you would like to add to your GeoGebra Book and click on [button_small]Add Material[/button_small] to the right of the material’s name. [br][br] [u]Note[/u]: [br][list][*]All materials you add to a chapter are displayed in the [i]Worksheets[/i] overview for the selected chapter. [/*][*]You can [b]edit a worksheet[/b] from your GeoGebra Book at any time by clicking on the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/d/d1/Menu-edit.svg/16px-Menu-edit.svg.png[/img] [i]Edit[/i] icon next to its name.[/*][*]You can [b]change the order of worksheets[/b] within a chapter, as well as move worksheets to a different chapter by using drag and drop.[/*][*]You can [b]delete a worksheet[/b] from your GeoGebra Book at any time by clicking on the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/8/8c/Menu-edit-delete.svg/16px-Menu-edit-delete.svg.png[/img] [i]Delete[/i] icon next to the material's name.[/*][/list][br][br][button]View Book[/button][br]You may preview your [i]GeoGebra Book[/i].[br][u]Note[/u]: You may use the [img]https://wiki.geogebra.org/uploads/thumb/d/d1/Menu-edit.svg/16px-Menu-edit.svg.png[/img] [i]Edit[/i] icon in the header bar in order to go back to the [i]Book Editor[/i] and make changes to your Book.