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f(x) = ax + b

Year ago when I was a pupil myself, math used to be writing down what the teacher said: "If a is positive the graph is ascending". "The greater the absolute value of a, the steeper the line". Next lesson there was a quiz and you got points for correct answers question 1: "WHen is the line ascending?" Maybe you miss some chances to learn teaching this way...

two alternatives for slope

in this applet two variables a are defined:
  • aslider to have the slope defined as a slider
  • abox to have the slope defined by an Input Box.
By a checkbox show with caption 'show as slider' the slope of the graph a is defined as a = If(show ≟ true, aslider, abox)

Slider in reserve

If you show just the variant with the schuifknop, you trow immediately all aces on the table. In previous applet you can build up learning stepwise asking questions and controling the answers. - "What if a = 2 ?" - "Wat is a = 1/2 ?" - "What if a = 0, or negative? " Option: Show the slider de schuifknop just after formulating a hypothese upon the role of a, summarizing the different situations. This way it summarizes what a student has learned instead of preventing the reasoning and the learning.

a version to use at home

Studying at home is different from exploring and learning at school so maybe we should make a different applet for a different learning fase. In this 'homeversion' multiple choice questions are a way to control if you really understand what you should have learned at school. - Can you do it without using the slider and trying out in the applet? - Do I need the slider to assist me?