What is a Smart Car?


'What is a smart car?' is a question that has occupied the minds of the car lovers for quite some time now. The new marque introduced by the German firm is based from Bologne, Germany. It makes small and medium-sized subcompact and micro-car, mainly the Fortwo, Forfour and the Smartview.  The production facility for the Fortwo is located in Ingelheim, Germany and the factory production is expected to start at the end of 2021. The production for the Smartview, micro-car and micro-compact models is planned to start in the same manufacturing facility in the second half of this year. The first of these models will hit the roads in the third quarter of this year. The company expects that all its new vehicles will be smart vehicles by the end of this year.  The new Smart car also has some innovative technologies and features. Most of them have been pioneered by Mercedes Benz. For example, on the Smartline - a concept vehicle by the company - you can adjust the air suspension spring rate. This is done by simply moving a lever and up or down in the direction of the preferred speed.  When we talk about the safety aspect of a car, the Smart car is different from other cars because it also offers safety glass that breaks into two sections in case of an accident. It also has a LIDAR (lights, indicator, radiance) sensor in the brake holder. This allows you to see if the brakes are applied correctly in time. A similar system is fitted in the F series vehicles by Mercedes Benz. The Smart car also has LIDAR warnings in case of any obstacle.  Another novel feature is the DSC alarm. If you are driving the car and something bad happens, you will be alerted by a ring of light that comes on in front of you. The system is customizable according to your preferences. Other innovations in the car are the automatic door locking system, car alarm system and the windshield wipers. All these features make driving safer.  You may ask what makes the Smart car so unique. The answer is complexity. Unlike ordinary cars that have been optimized to work well on narrow streets, the Smart car is designed to cope with wide streets and drive on curves. The car can also handle hills. What is a smart car to you may not be so smart to me.  The Smart car is made from a combination of electric and internal combustion engine technology. This type of car has four electric motors powering each wheel. These cars are capable of accelerating to 100 km per hour or more. They can cruise at sixty to seventy miles per hour.  To answer, what is a smart car? If you are buying this car as a first time buyer or if you are planning to buy a new car for the first time, this type of car is not for you. However, if you are someone who likes to drive flashy cars, you will definitely enjoy owning one. A Smart car may be expensive but it is surely an investment worth every cent.  Many Smart cars come equipped with anti-lock brakes and safety features such as air bags and traction control. Some also come with LATCH (lift-off-block system), a feature designed to prevent the car from coming to a standstill when the accelerator is depressed. The steering wheel is also equipped with 5-way adjustable seats, making it more comfortable for the driver and passenger. Another reason why Smart cars are expensive is because they are made from advanced technology. They have various options including automatic climate control, GPS navigation system and premium audio systems. You have a choice between gasoline engines and diesel engines. In addition, the range of models offered by various car manufacturers is extensive, offering various combinations of power, performance and features.  It is worth investing in a used Smart car. There are many websites on the internet that offer Smart cars for sale. However, before purchasing make sure that you do not end up with a lemon. Check all the parts, such as the car body, the electrical system, the suspension and the tyres. If you are not satisfied, seek the help of a professional mechanic.  A Smart car is a great investment. However, if you are not willing to spend that much, there are many discount deals available. There are also weekly specials on many websites that you can sign up for. Most major car dealerships have weekly special sales. Whatever the case, it is important to keep your eyes open for such deals so that you can have a discounted yet reliable car. Smart cars like a Tesla are becoming more common for consumers to buy these days. The amount of technology each of these cars have makes them so unique and fun to drive. You may be wondering, “Are Volkswagen Golfs Good Cars?” Some cars are more reliable than others and it really is a personal choice. Most manufacturers are joining the innovative technology in cars and soon more smart cars will be available.