Combination of rotation and reflection


Objectives: >> To establish the concept of combined transformations. >> To visualize the combined transformations. >> To make mathematics interesting and develop the concept of " आहा गणित , राम्रो गणित , हाम्रो गणित , सजिलो गणित , रसिलो गणित ,रमाइलो गणित, हाम्रोलागी गणित , महत्वपूर्ण गणित " Instructions (प्रयोगको लागि निर्देशन हरु ) 1. Click on the dynamic checkbox to activate input boxes. 2. Input values as you wish in input boxes to get new questions with dynamic answers and figures. 3. Use centre of rotation as origin(0,0) and other than origin. Change angle of rotation as (90 degree,-90 degree, 270 degree , -270 degree etc). 4. change the line of reflections as y=x, y=-x,x=0,y=0,x=2 , y=-2 etc as you want. (CUSTOM VALUES) 5. Uncheck the check box to get the questions. 6. Move the objects, center of rotation and see the changes. Enjoy the applet . Thank You.
Click on the checkbox dynamic to get dynamic question. Input values to make dynamic questions.
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