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Capacitor Charge 1-Measure the voltage Vc across the capacitor vs. time
  • Fixing a value for the voltage Va (slider on power supply). 
  • Choose a value for C (slider C). 
  • Press RESET.
  • Press START/STOP button. 
The capacitor begins to charge: the pointer of the voltmeter begins to rise.  Measure the time when the voltmeter reaches a predetermined value of Vc. If the pointer of the voltmeter rises very quickly, You can press the STOP/START button to read the time. To continue press START/START Transfer the experimental data to an Excel spreadsheet and analyse the results.  2-Measures the time that the capacitor takes to reach a voltage equal to 63% of Va.
  1. Compare this time with the time constant t= RC.
  2. Repeat measurements by selecting other values of Va and C (R is set at 1 Megaohm)

Capacitor charge