Rules - aMazeMe

These are the rules

First, complete the maze in either AR mode or by using the link. By solving the maze you gain access to an experiment that you can do at home - a puzzle you have to solve! You will need to use physics, chemistry, and math to work on these educative and fun puzzles. If you completed your puzzle correctly you will get information regarding a direction that you could dive further into finding the next mazes and puzzles!

How to find the maze

Download the GeoGebra Augmented Reality App to your smartphone. You find instructions on how to do that here: Open the app and search for a small round button above the blue part of the app that says AR - select that round button! Now go to the top left of the app where you find three straight lines - a menu button. Select them and a menu will pop up. Select Open/Öffnen and search for the LINK-ID. The LINK_ID is the last part of the website URL in GeoGebra. For this page, it is everything after /m/ which would be: pfrxcwpr