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Study PathParameters of 3 Points on Circle forming Triangle

The applet below is a self exploration of Geogebra's PathParameter variable which allows points to be located on geometrical objects via values from 0 to 1. The study below is about PathParameter values of a Point on a Circle. In applying the observations of 3 points P, Q and R and some manipulation, the applet 1. Generates triangles using one free point, P and either specified angles at vertices Q, R, or 2. Randomly autogenerate PathParameters for P, Q, and R, many possible triangles can be drawn .(Here only equilateral triangles in different orientations were prepared) Future study would include generating valid triangles based on other constraints, and they would rely on understanding the properties of congruency of triangles, ie SSS, SAS, AAS, RHS etc. Others' pathparameter studies (eg. by  usi_desu) PathParameter of Point on line (function/formula) PathParameter of Point on segment (function/formula) PathParameter of Point on Circle (function/formula) PathParameter of Point on  Ellipse (function/formula) PathParameter  How to Calculate