Reflective Writing

There are some things I won't forget thanks to Mr. Beeman. It certainly won't be the shadows and distances from the tree to the human problems we were solving, because I forgot those on the first week. Although, I do feel as if I have gotten stronger in the area of explaining the reasoning behind answers to problems. I think I'm mostly going to remember how to prove things. Not only measuring and asking google will help, but using your brain and finding all the theorems/rules we learned, and proving problems correct that way. I'm still curious about how we got the gym's height by using a mirror. Somethings I will just nod my head and say yes to, but that day I was completely lost. I think that that will be the moment I won't forget, or will always remember from that class. It's just crazy to know how mathematicians can calculate weights, distances, formulas, just from simple things like a mirror and a pencil.