Example A

Example A

Midpoint is the distance exactly in half of 2 points, and the midpoint formula is shown below. To find the midpoint, first you need to look at the two points that are plotted in the line. Secondly, you must add both of the X values and Y values together. After you have the total of both X and Y values all you have to do is divide each by 2. Then, the X value total divided by 2 gives you the X value for the midpoint, and the the same for the Y value. It's Easy! For this problem we have the points (1,5) and (3,1). First step is to add both the X and Y values. In this case, we end up with 4 for X and 6 for Y. Now divide each by two, leaving you with the coordinates (2,3) which is the midpoint.
now do some practice problems! after you are done, check your answers below!

Practice Problem 1

Answer: 3.5, 4

Practice Problem 2

Answer: 3, 1.5

Practice problem 3

Answer: 2.5, 2