Inverse function test

Check you understand simple examples of inverse functions - if the function does not have an inverse click the big botton to generate a new one! Drag the points A', B', C' and D' onto the points corresponding to A, B, C and D on the inverse function to reveal the graph of the inverse. Input the values needed to describe the range and domain of [math]f[/math] and [math]f^{-1}[/math]. If this is all correct you will get an on screen message!

How is the graph [math]y=f^{-1}(x)[/math] related to the graph [math]y=f(x)[/math]? How are the domain and range of [math]f[/math] and [math]f^{-1}[/math] related? If they meet, where does [math]y=f^{-1}(x)[/math] intersect [math]y=f(x)[/math]?