SAS Criteria


Move the triangles by dragging them or point A. Rotate the triangles by moving points B and E. Use the toolbar to measure the line segments, angles or area.

Question 1

To prove triangle ABC is congruent to triangle DEF, we can do a series of rigid motions that maps DEF onto ABC. We first start by completing a translation. Which option describes the correct translation?

Check all that apply

Question 2

Why do we have to map D onto A and not E onto B or F onto C?

Question 3

What rigid motion should be completed following the translation?

Check all that apply

Question 4

Why does mapping DE onto AC not prove triangle congruence?

Question 5

What is the final transformation that maps DEF onto ABC and proves the two triangles are congruent?

Check all that apply

Question 6

Is there another sequence of rigid motions that would show DEF is congruent to ABC?