Bolo Hauz mosque - mu

The construction of the Bolo Hauz moskee was started in 1712. The mosque lies just outside the city walls, in front of the Fortress. It's one of the last and finest large historical buildings in Bukhara. The wooden iwan was only added in 1917 but is very remarkable. The central part of wooden ceiling is ritchly decorated with a geometrical pattern and leans on capitals with colourful muqarnas, all different.

muqarna on one of the wooden columns

Compare the picture and the drawing of the muqarna.
  • The column is surrounded by a 16-pointed star.
  • On top, along the border of the muqarna there's a border of eight dark green 8-pointed and eight red 4-pointed stars.
drawing: Shiro Takahashi
drawing: Shiro Takahashi