Workbench for Area of Rectangles

Workbench for area of rectangles

1. Graph rectangle ABCD with A(2,2) B(6,2) C(2,4) and D(6,4)

Use the polygon tool to connect the 4 vertices. Then, use the area tool underneath the angle dropdown to find the area of the rectangle.

Question 1

What is the area of rectangle ABCD?

2. Use Rectangle ABCD from question 1.

A) Double only the width. B) Double only the length. C) Double both the width and the length.

Question 2

A) How did doubling the width affect the area? B) How did doubling the length affect the area? C) How did doubling both the width and length affect the area?

3. Graph Rectangle ABCD with A(-2,0) B(0,6) C(12,2) and D(10,-4).

Graph the rectangle and find the area.

Question 3

What is the area? Explain how to find the area of ABCD.

4. If a rectangle has two vertices at A(2,4) and B(2,-2) and an area of 48 squared units, where are the other two vertices? Hint...there are 2 correct responses.

Use the graph to find the correct responses.

Question 4

Coordinates for C and D are:

5. Using quadrilaterals only, what is the largest area that you can contain if using fencing that is 24 ft long (24 ft will be the perimeter)?