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Constructing Congruent Angles

In this activity I want you to build an Angle with vertex at point D that is congruent to Angle BAC. Use the Compass and Straightedge (line segment tool) to build the angle. Once completed measure your new angle and then move points on angle ABC to ensure both angle measurements stay the same. If you get stuck you can use the check-boxes to see what the next step is. Written out Steps: 1) Create a circle centered at A with radius AB 2) Find the intersection of Circle centered at A and ray AC, call it point F 3) Copy Circle with radius AB and center it at point D 4) Find the intersection of the circle centered at point D and ray DE. Call the intersection point G 5) Construct a circle centered at point B with radius BF 6) Copy circle with radius BF and center it on point G. 7) Find the intersection of the circles centered at point D and point G. Call it point H 8) Construct segment DH.