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Lazy Lizard

Translate the lizard so it looks like the lizard is sunbathing on the rock.

1) Use the Vector Tool to add a vector of translation. Do not be concerned about how large or where to put the vector yet. 2) Use the Translate by Vector Tool, click on the lizard, then click on the vector. Observe what happens on the screen. How are the vector and the lizards related? 3) Use the Move Tool (the arrow) to adjust your vector until the lizard's nose is at the point (24, 20), the point indicated on the rock.

Check your work...

What vector translates the lizard to the correct spot? You can look in the left hand column to see the dimensions of your vector.

How do translations work?

How does changing the vector change how the lizard is translated? Be precise with your description. (When you finish, Click Check Your Answer)