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The Boss Baby Family Business 2021 full - In the story, brothers Tim and Ted grew up and drifted apart. They go about their adult business, and as for Ted, he leads the most serious lifestyle and has changed only outwardly. Tim, on the other hand, devotes himself to the family, but his daughter Tina clearly went to uncle. She is clearly the boss in the house, and with her submission, the main characters will have to unite to defeat the villain who is collecting an army of evil kids. But for this, the brothers have to become children again. One can see the filmmakers' fearful desperation to say something relevant about parenting and aging while keeping the tone disrespectful and taking advantage of Baldwin's famous voice in exploring these issues. But they never merge seamlessly, especially when the climax has to envelop them all in the final confrontation. "Family Business" is most creative and subtle during a fantasy sequence in which Tabatha and Tim (pretending to be a boy named Marcos) enter a realm of musical notes and dazzling bright shapes. There the young girl regains her confidence to sing at the school's Christmas concert. In general, it's the scenes that occur in the limitless space of the characters' heads where the designers and animators can actually do something more adventurous with color and camera movement. Like most DreamWorks films, this one comes across as a bland consumer product rather than one aimed at timelessness. The people in the studio's projects appear as almost interchangeable characters with large heads, smooth skin and very few special features. In the waking world of history, production designer Raymond Zibach (the "Kung Fu Panda" films) and his team have created some original settings - like the Acorn station where babies write code or the stage where Tabatha sings her number - but these are exceptions in a mostly aesthetically boring production. Even the score by Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro sounds bland, as if pulled from a pile of stock tracks. The Boss Baby Family Business film The Boss Baby Family Business movie The Boss Baby Family Business online The Boss Baby Family Business stream The Boss Baby Family Business 2021 The Boss Baby Family Business full