SAMPLE 1: Drag the triangle's vertices anywhere you'd like. In your own words, describe the phenomenon you see.

SAMPLE 2: What 2 theorems are dynamically being illustrated below? (Feel free to move the white points wherever you'd like.)

Teachers can use these resources as a powerful means to naturally  1) Foster Discovery Learning 2) Provide Meaningful Remediation 3) Differentiate Instruction, & 4) Assess students' understanding.  Since any curriculum is always a fluid document, these books, too, will continue to remain works in progress. Teachers: It is my hope that these resources help empower your students to actively (and regularly) discover the fascinating world of mathematics around them. Students: It is my hope that these resources help you discover & help reinforce mathematics concepts in a way that makes sense to you.
These GeoGebra books display the amazing work from several esteemed members of the GeoGebra community. I am truly humbled and amazed by their talents. These comprehensive resources would not have been possible without their contributions. I would like to express a HUGE THANK YOU to Anthony C.M. OR Steve Phelps Jennifer Silverman Dr. Ted Coe Samantha Cruz Terry Lee Lindenmuth Raul Manuel Falcon Ganfornina Walch Education EDC in Maine For questions, suggestions, and/or comments, feel free to e-mail me at any time. I wish you much success in your journey of teaching and/or learning mathematics! Best, Tim Brzezinski Independent Mathematics Education Consultant (Dynamic Math Solutions) Adjunct Mathematics Instructor at Central Connecticut State University Former High School Mathematics Teacher (15 years) at Berlin High School (CT, USA) E-Mail: Facebook Page Twitter: @dynamic_math