Volume of pyramid is 1/3 volume of cube (Method II )


A pyramid is a solid object having a polygon base and connected by triangular faces to its vertex. In a pyramid , all lateral faces meet at a common vertex. A pyramid is a regular pyramid it its base is a regular pyramid and the triangular faces are all congruent isosceles triangles. In this example we discuss about irregular pyramid.
Let us take a cube of length l. Also trisect the cube into three pyramids, in which 1. base of two pyramids are the side face of cube 2. base of one pyramid is the bade of cube In this trisection of cube into pyramids. 1. base area of all pyramids are equal to the base area of cube. 2. height of all pyramids are equal to the height of cube. Therefore, Volume of Cube = Volume of 3 pyramids Volume of Pyramid = volume of cube = base area height (Cube र Pyramid को base र उचाई एउटै छ ) Dear learner, Applet मा दिएको चित्र लई slider लाई चलेर हेर्नुहोंला |

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