Kiosk Mode on Chromebook

Setting up Kiosk App for Students

You can set up GeoGebra Graphing Calculator as a Kiosk App for multiple devices managed through Google Apps for Education. That way the Chromebook starts Graphing Calculator on boot and students are not allowed to switch to other apps. To do this, please follow these steps:

1.Sign in to the Admin console.
2.Go to Organizational Units  and create an organizational unit on the Google Admin Console called Geogebra (or any group name you choose).  This new OU should be nested under the student OU for the respective school.
3.Decide which students should have access to the GeoGebra Kiosk App.  Change the organizational unit on the students’ account from their current OU to the newly created GeoGebra OU. 
4.As a next step, you will add GeoGebra as a kiosk app that will automatically launch.
5.In the menu of the Admin console, choose Devices > Chrome > Apps & Extensions > Kiosks 
6.Click on the yellow plus button in the lower right corner and add the Graphing Calculator. You can search for it on the Chrome Web Store or select Custom App and enter the following properties: ID: ajijpokmmljpgdacmnejdjkbjjpjjekj URL:
7.On the same Device settings page, under Kiosks > Auto-Launch Kiosk App, select the app.
8.Make sure the devices you want to administer the exam with are under the organizational unit you select for the kiosk app.
9.Once these settings are applied, students who are in the new GeoGebra OU will have the calculator app automatically launch when the Chromebook is turned on (the standard Google login screen will not appear).
10.When the GeoGebra app is not being used, students should be moved back to their original organizational unit.

Testing Kiosk app Locally

To start kiosk mode on a single device please see

Classic App

The ID for GeoGebra Classic is bnbaboaihhkjoaolfnfoablhllahjnee