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Using the Geogebra tools, draw the result of the sequence of transformations given below.

Rotate ABCD clockwise by angle ADC using point D as the center. Then translate the image by the directed line segment DE. Directions for Rotating: First measure the angle formed by angle ADC using the ANGLE tool. Once you have the angle tool selected, select point C, then point D, then point A. Once you have the measure of angle ADC you will use the ROTATE AROUND POINT tool. When using the ROTATE AROUND POINT tool, you need to 1st select the point you want to rotate then select point D (point D is the center of rotation) A pop up will appear and that's where you enter the measure of angle ADC (this is the value you measured with the ANGLE tool). You also need to select CLOCKWISE. You will do this for all three points, A, B, and C. Then connect A', B', C' and D using the SEGMENT tool. Directions for translating: To translate A'B'C'D' you will use the VECTOR FROM POINT tool. Select one point then click on the directed line segment DE. For example, to translate A' select A' then click on the directed line segment DE. Delete the directed line segments that appear after each point is translated. Deleting these help make the final image more clear. Lastly, connect A", B", C", and D' using the SEGMENT tool.
Remember to write your name next to your construction using the ABC Text tool. Then download a pdf of it using the "hamburger" menu in the right corner and name your download SEQUENCE OF TRANSFORMATIONS #2 Then attach the pdf to the Google Classroom assignment